'07 Road King Screamin' Eagle CVO (FLHRSE3)

One-Owner...Many Upgrades...Tons of Chrome!!

2007 Road King Screamin' Eagle CVO

This is a super nice one-owner 07 Screamin' Eagle CVO Road King that has a TON of upgrades. It's had impeccable care, (from a personal multiple Harley collection), and because of the all the additional HD accessories added, it really stands out in a crowd..! EVEN from other 07 Road King CVO's, and that is tough to do..! It has been religiously serviced and always stored in a climate controlled garage. There has been over $35,000 invested in this bike and it has only 3800 miles on it.

Some of the very nice additions include: Metzeler Tire upgrades for about $600 installed, (both front and rear,) HD Custom Auxiliary Lighting Bracket Kit for $300, Auxiliary Lamp Bracket and Turn Signal Kit for about $63, (which greatly enhances your safety and night vision lighting aspects), Wind Deflector Kit for about $67 for more comfortable traveling, and a "new design" Kuryakyn Deluxe Neck Cover Kit for about $190 that covers the upper neck of the frame and down tubes and adds a very clean "completely chromed out" appearance to that area. It adds a lot to the "look" of the bike, since that area is normally rather unsightly.

There are many other very nice additions including about $750 worth of Dual Chrome Calipers on the front wheel. But.., the nicest finishing touch to this 07 Road King CVO has got to be the COMPLETE chrome Hot Topper Kit that includes chrome covers on nearly EVERY exposed bolt, nut or whatever could accept a chrome cap on the entire bike. (Notice that even the floating rotors on the front wheel have the chrome caps on the attachment rivets that hold the inner carrier and the outer disc together.) Also note that all of the exposed bolts on the entire engine area have the chrome caps on them too. Very coooll!!

I really don't know what else you could do to this bike. It comes from Harley Davidson with about everything you could imagine chromed and upraded already..! Between the CVO chrome and the upgrade additions added to the bike, this Road King has a TON of bling. The Candy Cobalt Blue paint scheme with hand-laid Gold leafing Flame Graphics is a simply beautiful color combination, especially in bright sunlight. (Pictures definitely don't do this bike justice.)

With the CVO 110" engine, 6 speed transmission, and all the other super nice things on this handmade bike from Harley Davidson's Custom Vehicle Operations Division, this is certainly a VERY NICE RIDE!!

Here is a partial list of the upgrades:

TOTAL ACCESSORIES AMOUNT: $4200+ (Approximate, including tax and installation...)

Note: This CVO Road King also includes the following factory items: The Gold Key still in its deluxe carrying case, the CVO Insignia bike cover, the CVO Insignia bag the cover comes in, the Factory Owner's Manual, the Key Fob for the Security System and the Key for the ignition.

Remember, this is a one-owner bike from a private collection and is literally like new yet..!

Save yourself a bunch of money and pick this up with all the cool "goodies" already installed.

No waiting time, installation charge, taxes or other fees to pay to the local Harley Dealer or other vendors. It already has all the tricked-out stuff on it..!

Buy it, get it home and impress your buddies/friends just the way it is..! It's already the COMPLETE package..! And.., if you think it looks good, wait until you ride it. This bike has LOTS of torque and rides SUPER NICE..!

MY PRICE: $27,950

SOLD FOR: $27,950

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