2006 Fatboy Screamin' Eagle CVO

One-Owner...$7,000 in Accessories...Very Cool!!

2006 Fatboy Screamin' Eagle CVO

You have probably never seen a 06 Fatboy Screamin' Eagle CVO quite like this one! Not too many guys spend a lot of extra money on these CVO's after they purchase them. (Simply, because they have already spent so much when they purchase them new, they tend to put away the check book.) Well, that's definetely NOT what happened with this bike..! The original owner, decided even though it was already a very cool bike, that wasn't nearly enough.

So.., he installed 20" LA Chopper Ape Hanger Handlebars (about $200), including all new HD Long Diamond Braided Lines (about $250), Vance & Hines Exhaust (about $500), an HD EFI Race Tuner (about $750), "Flame" Upper Fork Covers (about $75), Chrome Wind Deflectors (about $60), HD Deluxe Auxiliary Lighting Kit (about $390), Clear Lens Driving Lamps with Vertical Optics (about $68), Smoked Lens with Amber Bulb Turn Signals (about $38), Chrome Wind Deflector (about $67), an HD Screamin' Eagle "Heavy Breather" Air Cleaner Kit (about $400), Detachable King Size Windshield (about $365), Two Up Seat (about $200), Passenger Backrest Assembly (about $180), Full Size Rear "Buckshot" Footboards with Footboard Support Kit (about $520), and the list goes on and on...! (I have itemized most of the upgrades and accessories below.)

Stands Out from the Crowd...

When he was done, he definitely had a bike that stands out from the crowd, (even the other 06 Fatboy CVO's) and it really makes a statement.!! Now, I must admit when I first saw this bike with the 20" Apes on it, I figured it would be very uncomfortable to ride with those handlebars, but to my surprise, exactly the opposite is true and it is not tiring at all. I am about 6 feet tall, but the original owner was about 5'8" and they were obviously comfortable for him since he installed them in the first place.

The bike is truly fun to ride and really gets the "thumbs up" ALL the time when you are riding it. I have received admiring comments from everyone from the very young crowd to elderly ladies. (Even many people that aren't even necessarily Harley Davidson fans tend to comment on the bike.)


It is a one-owner, VERY well cared for bike, with only 14,000 miles on it. I took the bike on trade towards the sale of an Electra Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO. After purchasing this Fatboy CVO new, his wife had started to ride some more and he was also starting to take some longer trips and decided he wanted some more storage room. (That was the only reason he traded the bike.) He absolutely loved it and really had a hard time parting with it.


Here is a partial list of upgrades that have been added to this super nice Fatboy CVO:

TOTAL UPGRADES AND ACCESSORIES - $7000+ (Approximate including tax and labor...)

CVO Items

Note: This bike also includes the original Key Fobs and Keys, original CVO Cloth Cover and CVO Cloth Cover Bag, AND the original Gold Key in the original Special Box it came in. It also has the original Owner's Manuals still in the shrink wrap yet from the factory.

Now it's pretty obvious when you do the math, what has been invested in this bike. At approximately $28,000 new and another $7000 plus spent in upgrades, that is a total of about $35,000 that has been poured into in this very cool CVO Fatboy..!!

Super Buy

At the price I am willing to sell if for, you are saving over $10,000 from the original investment in this super nice Fatboy CVO..! That's a TON OF MONEY!!

BE SMART!! Save a PILE of dough and pick up a CVO FATBOY with over $7000 in upgrades for under $25,000..! That is a SUPER BUY!!

MY PRICE: $24,450

SOLD FOR: $24,450

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