’04 Fat Boy

Timeless Elegance

2004 Fat Boy

This is a one-owner bike that the gentleman absolutely babied..!! It was stored in a climate controlled garage and serviced religiously. It even has "0" deductible factory warranty left until 6/7/2006..! The only reason he sold it was because his wife decided she was no longer going to ride much with him, so he decided to sell the bike. (I bet he will buy one back in a couple years - doubt he will be able to hold out.)

The color is Smokey Gold with the Black inserts. I think it is really a nice color combination and sets the bike apart from all of the loud garish colors you tend to see on the road anymore. I feel it has a very classy, elegant look that will be timeless..!

Take some time and look over the list I have below. There was a TON of money spent on add-ons and accessories..! From the HD Custom wheels and matching belt drive, added light bar with the halogen lighting, the all-chrome front end, quick release windshield, quick release luggage rack and sissy bar combo, all matching HD Nostalgic foot boards, shifter pegs, and brake pedals, to the chrome switch controls, master cylinder and Nostalgic hand grips, and "Lindby" crash bar, and much, much more, he spared no expense..! And…, of course it also has the Stage One Kit and Screamin' Eagle air cleaner upgrade to enhance the performance..!

I only has a little over 12,000 miles on it, but it is so pristine and nice, that it looks like it is 1200 miles. It has been impeccably maintained..! It needs absolutely nothing. Just get on, ride, and enjoy..!

It also is carbureted so you won't have to spend the "computer reprogram money" at your local Harley Dealer if you want to add some more performance items. And it has the factory theft/security system with two key fobs..!

Here is a partial list of the accessories. There are even more, but this is a list of the major ones. This gentleman wasn't afraid to spend money on the bike, and he had the money to spend, so if he wanted something he just added it..!

Harley Davidson and Other Add-on Accessories:


(With sales tax, original purchase price, and the above add-ons and accessories, this bike had about $29,000 invested in it.)

Keep in Mind..

This bike was $18,500 stock new, (I have the original sales ticket from the Harley Dealer), and would cost the same now and there have been essentially no changes in the model line. So, that means that if you did what has been done to this bike, you would have the same money invested and probably more, because some Harley accessories have increased in price, and many dealerships have increased their labor rates..!

Also Included:

It also has factory warranty left through 6/7/2006 with "0" deductible. (The warranty follows the VIN#, so there is no transfer fee.)

MY PRICE: $19,950

SOLD FOR: $19,950

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