’03 Screamin’ Eagle Deuce - 100th Anniversary

100th Anniversary Bone Stock

2003 Screamin' Eagle Deuce 100th Anniversary

THIS BIKE IS LITERALLY LIKE NEW YET!! With only 794 miles and all factory correct and unmolested, this bike is a perfect original example of the FIRST Softail built by the CVO, (Custom Vehicle Operations), division of Harley Davidson. And.., of course, it is their 100th Anniversary Edition, so they took extra care in engineering and designing this bike to both perform and look equally impressive..! And.., there were only 2950 of these bikes that were produced..! In case you didn't know, these bikes are mostly hand built..!

Harley Davidson did numerous things with this bike that were unique and individual to this model Screamin' Eagle Deuce 100th Anniversary only, and here are just a few…


And the list goes on and on...

This bike is about as close to brand new as you can get, and you are saving a ton of money over the guys that bought them new in 2003..! These bikes sold for about $27,000 and I know guys that paid way over sticker and have well over $30,000 invested in them. Certain dealers were selling them for up to $2500 over MSRP when they first hit the market..!

Priced Right:

CURRENT KELLY BLUE BOOK IS: $23,350 (and that is with average miles which are assumed to be about 16,000 miles according to Kelly's mileage chart.)

Remember this bike has only 794 ACTUAL MILES..!! So.., with that in mind the price should be at least $1200 - $1800 higher than average book for a total of about $25,000..! But.., because I am pricing this bike to sell fast I am setting the price under market value..!

Bone Stock:

Like I said in the first paragraph, the bike is bone stock and I think that is the best way to keep it, since it has such low miles and should be a great long term investment. When these Screamin' Eagle bikes are modified too much, I believe it detracts from their value.

The only thing I did was add the backrest and pad, ($130.00), and that was solely functional for the use of a possible passenger if desired.

MY PRICE: $23,450

(priced to sell quickly)

SOLD FOR: $23,450

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