'03 100th Anniversary Road Glide

One-Owner.., Low Miles.., 1550 Stage II.., Super Nice..!

2003 100th Anniversary Road Glide

OK.., you want to talk about a Road Glide that’s had absolutely impeccable care, numerous upgrades, (Stage II 1550 Big Bore Kit for example), and accessories (King Tour Pak, Chrome Wheels, Complete Chrome Front End etc.), and more..?!!

  Well, here it is and it’s literally like new yet..! 

And add this to the picture..!  It has only 7900 miles on it..!

This bike is a one-owner, purchased by a gentleman that is an absolute perfectionist.   Before he even picked up the bike from the Harley Dealer where he purchased it new, he had most all of the upgrades listed below added to the bike.  Whenever the bike wasn’t ridden it always sat on his service lift in his garage so the tires and suspension were off the ground.  And, let me tell you this.  You’ve heard the saying, “you can eat off the floor”.., well it definitely applies to his garage.!  In other words this bike has just been RELIGIOUSLY maintained and cared for.  I don’t think you can find a cleaner bike.  I really hesitate in ever using the word perfect in describing anything, even a brand new item, simply because if you’re determined to find a flaw, you can find something somewhere.  However, I don’t know where the flaw would be on this bike!  It is simply the closest thing to “perfect” I have seen in a motorcycle in years..! 

The only reason the bike is even for sale is because the gentleman has developed an arthritic condition in his knee and no longer feels comfortable trying to balance the bike.  His knee gives him constant pain and therefore it makes it very difficult handle the bike properly anymore.  Needless to say, both he and his wife were VERY sad to have to quit riding, since both of them are avid motorcyclists and truly enjoyed riding the Road Glide.

Below is a list of the accessories that have been added to the bike beyond the original purchase price of: $18,700.00.

I have the Bill of Sale and most of the receipts for the accessories listed below.  These are the bulk of the upgrades, however there are some additional ones not mentioned, simply because they are just too numerous to itemize.

With the original cost of the bike at $18,700, plus the upgrades of approximately $9,500, you can see that is a total of nearly $28,000.00..! 

Harley Davidson & Other Accessories:

Total Accessories Amount - $9,500.00 (Approximate with tax and labor.)


Keep in mind that with the Stage II 1550 Big Bore Kit, Reinhart Pipes and EFI Download Kit this bike has significantly more Horsepower and Torque than a stock Road Glide, so it really is a pure pleasure to ride.  Tons of power whenever you need it, with or without a passenger and/or extra gear. 

Save yourself a ton of dough and pick up this super nice “Glide” for a fraction of the money it would cost to duplicate it now..!  I also have other accessories that go with the bike which include original keys, owner’s manual and short Smoked windshield.

MY PRICE: $16,950

SOLD FOR: $16,850

Disclaimer: All attempts are made to present information as accurately as possible, but we can not be held responsible for errors that may exist.