’02 FLHRSEI Screamin’ Eagle Road King

Harley's CVO Production, King of the Kings

2002 Screamin' Eagle Road King

THE 02 SCREAMIN' EAGLE ROAD KING of which Harley's CVO, (Custom Vehicle Operations) division built only 2200 total..! And.., if you consider the fact that about half of those production numbers were in the Candy Brandywine with Flames color.., there are only about 1600 of this color that were ever manufactured..! Harley Davidson calls the color on this bike simply "Purple with Silver Flames"..! It also features the silver and chrome engine that is available only on the CVO motorcycles..!

According to Harley Davidson's own website in the "history" page of the CVO production motorcycles, it reads, "it would be difficult to reproduce what the CVO department has to offer, because the bike features certain existing accessories for each model, but also includes new accessories that can't be purchased anywhere else..!" They also go on to say, "Paint schemes are "restricted", because it is unavailable to put on existing motorcycles"..! And finally they say.., "If paint schemes were damaged to the point of repainting, you would have to present your CVO Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number to get the job done..!" So, these are definitely unique and hard to find motorcycles..!

Harley Davidson started the CVO division in 1999, when they built the Screamin' Eagles only in the FX series. In 2000, they built the FXR4 and also added the Road Glide series to their line-up. In 2001 they built the FXWG2 and continued the Road Glide model. Then in 2002, they added the first-ever FLHRSEI Road King to the model line-up..! It was a huge success! Otherwise, 02 and 03 were the only years the Road King is available in the Screamin' Eagle Series.

This bike is a ONE-OWNER.., and it has only 5,900 miles on it, and is in like new condition..!

Standard Special Features on this Screamin' Eagle Bike:

*There is much more that I can’t think of, but these items alone are at least $12,000, if you were to have all of these upgrades and engine work done at the local Harley dealership..!

Add-On Items Installed:

TOTAL ADDED ACCESSORIES - $2000 (including tax and installation)

Keep in Mind..

These bikes sold new for about $27,000.., and there were not enough of them to meet the demand..! They were not discounted.., and in fact.., many went for way over sticker..! Remember.., only about 1600 of them with this color combination were even produced and sold..!

Also, it is fairly widely agreed upon, that this is the most desirable Road King model.., year.., and color.., produced by Harley Davidson’s “Custom Vehicle Operations” division..!

Also included:

Special low profile smoked windshield.., factory Harley Davidson motorcycle cover.., factory tool kit.., original factory exhaust.., key with factory security system key fob.., and the original owners manual..!

MY PRICE: $21,950

SOLD FOR: $21,800

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