'02 Fatboy Custom (SEMA/NACE Show Bike)

Hand Laid Gold Foil in Paint.., "Air" Shifter.., 124 RWHP!! Awesome Bike..!

2002 Fatboy Custom (SEMA/NACE Show Bike)

This 02 Fatboy Custom is truly an extremely unique motorcycle! Here is an abbreviated description and history/background on this motorcycle. With well over $55,000 invested, and an incredible array of various special components and custom fabrication done, this is one bike that you know will be the only one like it anywhere.

It was painted, customized and fabricated by the renowned Deanoís Custom Painting, www.custompainting.com, considered by many in the custom bike world to be the best there is. They are located in Tempe, Arizona. It is an absolute "one-off" bike originally owned and designed by the CEO of Infinity Products of Minnneapolis, MN. (A specialty parts manufacturing company that provides design assistance, manufacturing and assembly of various products for companies such as Kuryakyn, Drag Specialties, and numerous other aftermarket parts retailers.)

To create the very unique visual profile of this Fatboy, HD Heritage Softail fenders were split, sectioned, lowered, and re-fabricated. The frame was also painted to match the primary color used, and then that awesome multiple-layer-ghost-paint-job with the final layer of hand-cut and laid real Gold Foil was painstakingly applied. Combined with the "Old Skool" hand cut Foil graphics, multi-layer ghost paint, the very unique "square edge profile" fender visuals, stretched tank, chromed and polished power train, "one-off" wheels and belt drive, and tall chrome retro tube back rest, this ultra-cool Fatboy REALLY stands out from the crowd..!

Knowing it would be representing House of Kolor in their display booth at the SEMA and NACE shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, Deanoís really went the extra mile in designing, painting and creating this masterpiece. (The paint job is simply stunning with the multiple layers of patterns, hand cut Gold foil, and colors.)

The power train is equally impressive. Using the original Twin Cam to retain its Fat Boy roots, Bobby Wright of R&D Performance, located in Watertown, MN, did an incredible job of turning the stock engine into a screaming power-house which now registers an amazing 124 RW horsepower and similar torque numbers on the Dyno machine. Doing their magic in the machine shop and including the Kuryakyn "Crusher" kit, (which consists of Mike Roland designed Kuryakyn "Wild Things" heads, aluminum pistons and 57 mm body carb), a "High Five" Kuryakyn air cleaner, and many other tricks, this engine is now just a pure rush of adrenaline..!

Then to add a little more fun to the mix, an electric "air shifter" was added so you can simply blow your buddies away if they decide to get a little boastful about what their bike can do. (To put it simply, you will leave them behind.., period..!!) In looking at the pictures you will see that the engine is also fully polished with R&D Performance engraved in the heads, and many other chrome accessories to add even more to the "wow" factor.!!

The 18" billet chrome plated "unsprung design" wheels and matching rotor are "one-off", computer milled from a solid block of billet aluminum and are the only ones in existence..! They are finished off with Metzeler ME 880 low profile tires. The bike also has a "fat tire kit", with a "180" rear tire which creates a super nice "full fender look" when you are viewing the bike from the rear. (There is about $5000 invested in just the wheels, matching belt drive and tires alone..!)

I can tell you this. No matter where this bike goes, it is like a magnet..! People just stand and stare at and try to figure out exactly what its roots are. They are always puzzled and ask numerous questions. So, if you donít like to be the center of attention, better not ride this bike anywhere there are people that appreciate uniqueness and super high quality paint, fabrication and high tech components in their "ride." Because they definitely wonít leave you alone..!

With only about 8000 miles on the bike and about 700 miles on the power-train, this Fatboy is simply next to new yet.

Partial Sumary of Special Features:

True Quality

Even though the pictures show the features of this bike, they really donít show the incredible detail and quality of the paint and fabrication. This bike is simply exquisite in every aspect. It is essentially flawless. It has never been shown in competition, but I can assure you this Fatboy will score tons of trophies if that is your goal.

A Real Bargain

For what I have this bike priced for, it is a REAL BARGAIN!! You couldn't duplicate it for $50,000! It really is that nice!!

MY PRICE: $28,950

SOLD FOR: $28,950

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