2002 Fat Boy

Here is a bike that has tons of goodies and will save you a pile of money..!

2002 Fat Boy

If you did everything that has been done to this bike it would cost you in excess of $11,000..!! Plus.., don't forget about the fact that you wouldn't have been able to ride it while you were getting all the accessories, paint, wheels and all the other items installed.

If you had purchased the bike new and added the accessories, chrome, paint and wheels, etc., YOU WOULD HAVE HAD ABOUT $30,000 INVESTED IN IT..!

I have itemized what I can think of and see, but there is a whole bunch more chrome and add-ons that I have not even listed.

Everything is in EXCELLENT condition and the tires are like new..! I don't know of one thing you will need to do to this bike. JUST GET ON, RIDE, LOOK COOL, AND HAVE FUN..!

This is a fuel injected bike and it also has the factory security system.

Partial list of the chrome, accessories, wheels and other add-ons…


$11,500 (approximate cost including tax and installation)



(NADA says to add 10 – 30% for chrome, custom paint and wheels, and other add-ons, and I am only adding 25%)

MY PRICE: $18,450

SOLD FOR: $18,450

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