'02 Big Dog (Pit Bull) Patriotic - Commemorative Edition

1 of only 8 Built.., Commemorative Edition.., Super Clean.., Very Cool Patriotic Paint...

2002 Big Dog (Pit Bull) Patriotic - Commemorative Edition

This bike is a very special Big Dog (Pit Bull). It is 1 of only 8 ever built by Big Dog Motorcycles. It is essentially bone stock and in the identical condition and configuration in which it was originally produced, with the exception of "Blue Glass" mirrors and a high output starter upgrade. (Big Dog recommended this.)

Information on this Commemorative Edition/Mike's Hard Lemonade Big Dog:

Note: At the end of the group of pictures for this bike, I have added a few photographs of an article from the magazine "Hot Rod Bikes", regarding this Commemorative Edition model.

Some of the technical features:

I don't know how many of these bikes are left, but it's conceivable to believe that 1 or 2 may have been crashed by now and will no longer have the original paint. And the remaining ones may either not be For Sale or might not have been properly maintained. I have seen no other ones for sale anywhere, other than about a year ago and that individual wanted $25,000 for his.

This bike really is like new yet. It was purchased from one of the original winners of the 8 bikes almost immediately and maintained religiously. It was ridden some for pleasure, but always garage kept and proper maintenance was performed on a regular basis.

Stars & Stripes

I have seen a number of US Flag/Patriotic paint schemes on various motorcycles and must admit I thought most of them bordered on being somewhat gaudy and/or "over-the-top." This bike however, looks even far better in person than it does in the pictures. Everyone that has seen this bike, always comments on what a super nice paint job it has and how realistic and unique it looks. Everybody always loves it..!


Here's a chance to own not only a legitimate collectible motorcycle, but one that also makes a definite statement with the paint job..! Show your patriotism, get out and ride it and enjoy the bike and you will see how much attention both you and the bike will attract. It's a lot of fun..! And.., it will be a great investment too..!

MY PRICE: $17,950

(priced to sell quickly)

SOLD FOR: $17,000

Sold to: Mansfield, Pennsylvania
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