'86 Mercedes 500 SL European Model

European Model - Very Hard to Find!

1986 Mercedes 500 SL European Model

First, if you are an older SL Mercedes lover, than you know how rare this European 500 SL Model is.!

Secondly, you are looking at possibly one of the finest examples of this car that is for sale in the United States today. This is a RUST FREE two-owner California car that has had over $40,000 spent on it's restoration in the past few years..! (I have the receipts to go with the car.)

I could talk about what all has been done to the car, but in reality it would be easier to point out what is not restored, because nearly everything on the entire vehicle is either new or refurbished..!

A sample of some of the original items are seats, interior door and rear trim panels, dash, carpet, headliner on the hard-top, and most of the dash components. And, as you can see, all of these items are in excellent condition yet!

Nearly everything else on this car was either restored or reconditioned!

Now, I suspect you are probably asking yourself if the car was never rusted, (it wasn't), and if the car was never crashed, (it wasn't), then why did it need to be restored? One simple reason! The former owner was an obsessive, compulsive perfectionist and had a real passion for these European Model 500 SL convertibles! (His father owned one when he was a child and he developed a real fondness for them.) He looked for years to find this car and then once he finally found it, he gradually restored it to near perfection. Needless to say, he did an extremely thorough job.

The only reason he let this car go, was because in the last few years, he has acquired a taste for expensive Harley Davidson motorcycles, and his wife wouldn't let him have both. So, because he couldn't drive the Mercedes on trips with his motorcycle buddies, he sadly parted with this car on which he had spent about $65,000.00, and many years restoring. As you can probably imagine, it was a rather emotional day when he and the car parted company.

Here is a partial list of NEW items on this 500 SL.

Partial List of New Items:

TOTAL - Just the above items alone add up to over $41,000.00!

A Real Value...

And.., the list goes on and on..! It is important to remember these are only the major items..! There are thousands of dollars of other things that have been done that I either don't have complete receipts for or do have receipts for, but didn't list in the above group.

It is very probable that you may never see an 86 Mercedes European Model 500 SL like this again.! And.., to find another one in this condition would be extremely rare..!

A Rare Find...

So, if you are an SL lover of this Vintage, check this car over close. You will find it to be an extremely nice car and a definite one-of-a-kind!

And obviously, whoever purchases this car will not only have a very fine Mercedes, but will definitely own a car that no one else will have..! There are just none of these around, let alone in this condition and For Sale..!

MY PRICE: $25,450.00

(priced very reasonably to sell quickly)

SOLD FOR: $25,000.00

Disclaimer: All attempts are made to present information as accurately as possible, but we can not be held responsible for errors that may exist.