'73 Harley Davidson SS-350 Sprint

Runs Excellent.., Hard to Find.., Completely Restored.., A Looker..!

1973 Harley Davidson SS-350 Sprint

If you are looking for a vintage 1973 SS-350 Sprint Harley Davidson, here it is..!!

I think you could spend a lot of time traveling around, searching newspapers, checking out websites, and reading motorcycle advertising publications and still never find one this nice..!  And.., it has only 18,000 actual miles too..!

This bike was in very nice shape to begin with, but then had a full restoration completed to bring it back to its original condition.

It still has the factory-original seat and fenders which you can see are very nice yet.  Some of the new items include paint, tank decals, exhaust, and tires. There are many other items that have also been replaced or refurbished.  The engine has been completely rebuilt with numerous chrome and/or polished parts added, which definitely add to the bikes overall look and appearance. 

Whether you are a collector of vintage Harleys or just happen to like this year and model of the AMF/Harley Davidson era, either way this bike will definitely pass the "scrutiny" test.  It really is a nice bike.

Or.., if you are looking for just a fun fair weather commuter, this bike would work great for that too.  You'll get great fuel mileage combined with a distinct retro look, and that famous Harley Davidson Logo on the gas tank will definitely make for an attention-getting ride..!

For what this bike is priced at, this is a LOT of bike for the money.

(The local gentleman that purchased and restored it had nearly twice the amount of money invested in it.)

Buy this fine little Harley, tuck it in your garage, (it doesn’t take up much room), and then take it on a fun ride on the first nice day.  You will love it..!   In fact, I predict you will get quite addicted to it and ride it a lot..!

MY PRICE: $4,950

(priced to sell quickly)

SOLD FOR: $4,850

Sold to: Elk Grove, Illinois
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