'54 Chevy 210 "Resto Mod"

'54 Chevy Resto Mod - Corvette LT-1 Fuel Injected 350!!

1954 Chevy Resto Mod

This is a nicely done "54". There really aren't many of these cars around. Most of the guys that do the mid-50 Chevys, choose the 5, 6, or 7's. And yet, I think the '54 has a very unique look that really represents the styling points of the early fifties. Much more rounded and flowing lines than its later siblings. It is the last Chevrolet that carries forward the 30's and 40's design influence that was so prevalent in those two decades.

The power-train components that were used in the restoration and customizing of this car were all top quality and appropriately chosen to work very well together.

This car drives and rides super..! Lots of power, and very comfortable and predictable. This is a car that just feels "good" to drive.

Obviously with the cost of the components, paint work, customizing, and interior work that has been done to this '54, you can easily do the math and understand that you could never come close to duplicating it for what it is priced for..!

Even if you did all the work yourself, owned your own body shop, did your own mechanical work and were able to buy all the parts at wholesale prices, it would still be doubtful you could duplicate this car for under $20,000. And.., of course if you had to pay labor, (someone else), to do all of the work, you would easily have $30,000 invested in this car.., and that would only be if you had some great connections..!

Partial List of Components and Custom Work:

If you are looking for a real nice "54 with nearly all of the work already done, (certainly the most expensive and time consuming), this is the perfect car to snap up..! It is a GREAT driver at a GREAT price and has a very unique look. Any other changes or additions would simply be personal choice options. It really doesn't need anything. Just hop in, fire it up, head out and enjoy!

MY PRICE: $19,950

SOLD FOR: $19,950

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